My Story

I’m Maridee Dangcil, and I live and work in Los Angeles, California. I am here because of two amazing women I had in my life. First, my mother, Diane Medgaarden Nelson, and her mother and my grandmother Genevieve Medgaarden.

My mom was an extremely talented artist, but that description doesn’t do her justice because she could do just about anything she wanted. I think the better phrase is a creative force! I often compared her to Martha Stewart because she could create almost anything she could imagine but with a much more artistic bent than Martha. Diane was a master crafter and used to hold annual craft sales, where I often times helped where she would sell her beautiful pieces. she didn’t work with yarn much, but she definitely gave me my love to crafty things and my tenacity (my husband calls it stubbornness) to accomplish anything I can imagine.

My grandmother could sew, knit, crochet, quilt, weave, cook, and probably many more things I didn’t even know about. She was a farmwife who raised a bunch of kids and managed the farm, all while creating beautiful things! My love for yarn comes from her. When I was 12, she came to visit and to teach me how to crochet to help pass the time during an extended hospital stay. I picked it up again in 2008 and yarn has been essential to my life ever since. Both of these extraordinary women had a huge impact on my creative path in life!

I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, earning a BA in Finance and a Master of Business Communications Certificate. I took that education and have gained over 30 years of experience in marketing, communications, and business working in a wide variety of industries with my last ten years as an entrepreneur and running my own business.

in 2013, I co-launched the Yarnover Truck, an innovative way to be a local yarn shop. We were the first mobile yarn shop in the United States. It was such a groundbreaking idea that in 2013, we won the Business Innovation Award from the National Needlearts Association. The Yarnover Truck was open for ten years, and we specialized in beautiful hand-dyed yarns. We took Debbie, that’s what we called the Truck because she was a Little Debbie delivery truck before we converted her to selling yarn all over California. We had a blast and cultivated an extremely supportive community. I’m incredibly proud of all we accomplished with the Truck.

As a yarn shop owner, I learned about different yarns, fibers, and the fabrics we can create with them. I started to design crochet patterns to have more pieces on the Truck, showing off the beautiful hand-dyed yarns we sold on the Yarnover Truck in interesting crochet pieces. I love using beautiful yarns in pieces that showcase traditional stitches in new and innovative ways. I can also boast of a wild and crazy yarn stash that sometimes threatens to overtake our entire house. I consider buying yarn its own hobby, and I love finding yarn shops when I travel and bringing home souvenir skeins.

Maridee Dangcil