Let’s talk a bit more in-depth about email marketing. I feel strongly that anyone running a business today, especially a yarn-based business, must include email in their marketing toolbox. It gives you a direct line to your customers, who have told you they want to hear from you by joining your list. So, SEND THEM EMAILS!!

Sorry for the shouting just now, but I feel very strongly that email marketing is vital to running any successful business, and I see many yarn-based companies not doing enough of this. As I mentioned in my post, Five Favorite Marketing Tips, being consistent in sending emails and all your marketing efforts is super important. And one of the easiest ways to be consistent in your email marketing is to have a plan for what to say!

I want to help you get more comfortable writing emails and encourage you to reach out to your audience more often! On average, it takes people seeing or hearing about our products NINE times before they decide to buy from us. Not everyone is comfortable sending weekly emails, but if you start doing this, it will help you get to the nine times faster than sending an email once a month!

But I also know too well the frustration of looking at a blank page and wondering, “What the heck am I going to talk about in my email today?” I have been there; many times, so I’m sharing what worked for me to get past this.

To help alleviate the pressure of the blank page, I brainstormed a long list of potential topics to discuss in weekly emails. Only some things on my list get used often, but this list gives me many options for topics to share. I can look at the list, think through the things I’ve been working on recently, and pick one or two that relate. It makes writing and creating that email so much easier!

Now to help you craft and send compelling emails more frequently, I’m sharing my list of topics and adding a few more. These will work for just about any yarn-based business, and I’ve made notes of the different variations.

1. New Product Launches or Arrivals

This works for all yarn-based businesses from LYS to Indie Dyers to Designers. Highlight and showcase the latest products, describing their unique features and suggesting potential projects and uses. Show other yarns that these new ones will work with – customers love to see color combinations!

2. Featured Product Spotlight

Pick one of your current products and treat it like something new. Share its attributes, explain why it’s a great product and what it can be used for, and share some project ideas. I used to do this with the swatches we made and displayed on the Yarnover Truck, and I talked about it in my last email. Or you can read about it again in my blog post here.

3. Project Ideas or Recommendations

Talk about the new pieces you have coming, or you’ve seen published that would be fantastic in the yarns you sell. Customers love buying what they see made up. Give them some examples of what they can make with your products.

This can also be two different stories – one featuring Knit projects and one featuring crochet projects. Don’t forget about your crocheters. Remember, they usually use more yarn to make the same pieces!

4. Class and Event Schedule

Tell your customers what is happening in your shop or where you’ll be displaying and selling your products. If you are an LYS or Teacher, always have a section in your emails with details about your upcoming classes.

5. Customer Spotlight

When your customers share the projects they’ve made using your yarns or patterns, ask if you can share them with your audience! If they are in your shop, snap a pic or ask them to send you one. Most customers love to see themselves in your communications and will likely be flattered.

6. Your Favorite Tools

This is a great way to share and discuss the tools and notions you use, carry, and sell. Show how you use them and how they help you craft.

If you have a lot of sock knitters or crocheters in your audience, I suggest devoting an entire email to socks and using these suggestions to focus on socks for all the different topics.

7. Tell Your Story or Introduce Your Staff

This is definitely not something to do every week, but we think everyone who shops from us knows our story or has come into our shop and met our staff, but that is not always the case. Plus, if you haven’t done it in a while, you likely have new people on your list who might not know the story, and this is an easy thing to reuse a couple of times a year. (Don’t forget about creating evergreen content!

8. Tips and Techniques

Provide helpful tips and techniques for your products, such as stitch variations, blocking methods, or colorwork tricks. You may have an upcoming class using this technique. Use this opportunity to mention it again and cross-promote it.

9. Share What You’re Working On

Share your current WIP or something you saw and want to start working on. In-progress photos and discussions are great. Maybe you are learning a new technique and can share what you’ve learned and how it has helped you.

10. Seasonal Projects

We’re just about to July, and the summer is a great time to suggest to your audience to start their holiday crafting or talk about summer tops and projects in January and February. You get the idea!

11. Meet The Maker

Introduce your customers to different yarn dyers, pattern designers, or local artisans you feature in your shop. Providing insights into their creative process and their connection to your business.

12. Charity Projects

Promote any charitable projects you participate in, encouraging your customers to contribute to a specific cause or organization. Describe why this charity is important to you and why you’ve chosen to contribute to what they are doing.

13. Sales

This might sound obvious, but you want to share and show off all sales you are running in your shop. You’ll notice I put this one at the bottom of the list because often, I only hear from companies via email when they are having a sale. It is important to promote this, but it is also important to communicate about so many other things with your customers.

Email is a great way to create and develop strong customer connections. I hope these suggestions help you do just that!

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Let’s Work Together

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