I created Maridee Creates to allow me to create, share and talk about a wide variety of different things all under one company name. The emails I send and this site showcase all the different things I’m doing. When you visit the site, the menu at the top of the page and the icons and links on the home page quickly point you to the information you need. For emails, you get to pick which content you want to receive.

If you are new to me and want to join my list, please keep reading about the different content included in the emails I send, and then you can join my list.

The different email content falls into four different categories. I realize that not everyone who comes here wants the same topics covered in my emails, so when you join my newsletter list, you get to choose your content. I’ve outlined each of them below:

Four Email Topics To Choose From

1. Yarny Things – Especially Crochet

Choose this one if you want to continue to receive emails like the ones I’ve already been sending with news about yarn-related events, my new crochet patterns, and other fun things happening in our yarny world. These will come every other week in the middle of the week.

Outdoor setting of several crochet pieces draped over a tree branch with a woman with blonde hair smiling out from underneath next to a tree trunk

2. Marketing & Business Insights and Tips

Choose this if you are a Yarn Shop Owner, a Designer (either knit or crochet), an Indie Dyer, or anyone working to sell products to yarn enthusiasts. These will include marketing strategies, innovative ways to reach your audience, and insights on new business trends and how they relate to our yarn-related industry. These will come Fridays, alternate weeks from the Yarny Things email.

desktop with a blue laptop, red tape measure, brown framed reading glasses, ball point pen, calendar and misc papers, skein of yarn, knitting needles and a crochet hook

3. CSM (Circular Sock Machine) Happenings

Choose this one if you own a Circular Sock Knitting Machine (CSM) and want to hear about any upcoming events tied to these machines. I am currently working on a Crank-In in SoCal for some time this summer. I’ll also share any resources I might come across regarding working with these machines. These will now have a set schedule.

Work bench with a circular sock knitting machine attached on one side with three cones of yarn behind it, one is multi colored blues, one is green and one is yellow

4. Everything – You want it ALL

Choose this one if you want everything, all the emails, basically, the kitchen sink filled with any and all yarny and business goodness from Maridee Creates. You’ll get all the emails Maridee Creates sends out on all the different topics.

A kitchen sink full of multicolored yarn with a crhrome faucet, three brushes and a sponge hanging on the wall behind,

For those already on my email list who want to change the topics you hear about, there will be a section at the bottom of the next email I send. You can make your changes there.

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