Today, let’s talk about something I’ll call “Do as I say and not as I do!” or threading a the social media tapestry with content pillars! If you followed me on social media, you might have noticed that I’m posting less than Maridee Creates, as I did when posting for Yarnover Truck. Granted, I have far fewer pretty pictures of products for you to buy now, but it’s more because I have yet to create a posting plan to help me be consistent in my social media posting for my news business.

In marketing terms, I haven’t yet picked my “content pillars” or created my “content schedule” for my social media. Content pillars are topics you and your brand will consistently discuss and include in the content you create for your social media. For the Yarnover Truck, our goal was to post something every day, and we chose specific topics to post about each day of the week. If something new or special was going on, we posted about that, but if not, we would use this list of topics to help us decide what to share on social media. I’ve meant to create a similar list for Maridee Creates, so I thought I’d bring you along as I do this. Hopefully, this will help you do the same for your business.

For the Truck, again, our goal was to post on social media every day of the week, but we also had lots happening, so this was easy to accomplish. For Maridee Creates, I don’t yet have enough to post daily. Instead, I’ve compiled a list of different topics to use over two weeks. I plan to post at least four times each week. During busier weeks, when I have a lot happening, I will post more frequently, but during those slower times, this plan will be a lifesaver when thinking of new ideas.

Here is the list of topic ideas I’ve come up with:

  1. Behind The Scenes
  2. Business Ideas & Blog Posts
  3. Diane’s artwork
  4. Favorites
  5. Fun Fiber things
  6. Projects
  7. Techniques & tips
  8. Upcoming Events & Current

Here is my two-week posting plan/schedule. I’ve also noted the days I send out my regular emails, as this will likely impact some of the things I decide to post. 

I’ll be interested to hear from those who follow me on socials if you notice that I’m getting better and more consistent in my postings. And if you happen to recognize any of these topics in my posts!

Now, I encourage you to create a list of content pillars for your business. First, decide how often you want to post weekly on social media. Then, choose a different topic for your posts each of those days. Use this as your guide for posting. When something new and exciting is happening, go with that. But having this list will help you when you struggle to come up with something to post about!

Let’s Work Together

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We’ll chat (virtually) one-on-one where we’ll work on this or any other area where you might need some help! Following our session, you’ll receive an email with a recording, a detailed summary of our conversation, and any resources you need to get your marketing plans off the ground.

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