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  • Blooming Stripes


    The Blooming Stripes is a fun triangle-shaped shawl using the extended single crochet stitch to create a fabric which is both airy and reversible with a beautiful picot stitch border at the end. The simple striped construction allows hand-dyed yarns to really shine. It’s a great piece to toss on to cover your shoulders on a chilly evening, or a wonderful way to add some color to any outfit!

    This pattern is a variation of the Lupin in Bloom pattern by Inner Yarn Zen. My version uses a similar base pattern but is larger and uses two colors in stripes of varying sizes.

  • Box Car Wrap


    The Box Car Wrap is a poncho-style shawl using two colors to make four squares seamed together to complete the piece. One of the square designs is the traditional Granny Square, and the other is a complementary square pattern. I chose to use one variegated and one tonal color, but this is a versatile design and could easily be made using one single color for all the squares or four different colors too. I love elevating this traditional design element by combining it with an additional square to create something fun and interesting.

    I created the Box Car Wrap for Forbidden Fiber Co.’s 2022 Holiday Express Advent Calendar. The holiday train theme inspired me, and I imagined it was taking us all on adventures to see family and friends during the holidays and needing something to help keep us warm on our travels. The Box Car Wrap is perfect for doing this at any time of the year!

  • Evening Stroll Cowl


    The Evening Stroll Cowl is a lightweight, airy piece that is perfect for those cool nights sitting on your patio or walking along the beach. Toss this cowl around your neck or shoulders to help keep you warm. This pattern is very versatile and includes instructions for both fingering and sport-weight yarns, but it could easily work with just about any weight of yarn.

  • King's Cross Stole

    King’s Cross Stole


    The King’s Cross Stole is a lightweight stole with a combination of lacey stitches between waves of double crochet, giving it both structure and beauty. The name came from my husband, Tommy, who thought it looked like a bridge across water and felt it needed a bold name. You’ll love adding this stylish piece to your wardrobe

  • Lattice Cowl


    The Lattice Cowl uses a combination of single crochet, double crochet and chain spaces to create a lattice pattern in this small, pretty cowl. It’s especially drapey from the silk and alpaca blend of the yarn yarn used. It’s a great layering piece to help keep your neck warm and add a little flair to any outfit.

  • Mokuti Cowl


    The Mokuti Cowl is a warm and colorful piece, created using the crochet linen stitch. The name comes from my husband, who collects metal tools. When he saw this piece, he thought it looked similar to the Mokuti effect, which combines multiple metals to create an interesting color design.

    Multiple colors were used to create a depth of color and to keep this piece interesting while you’re making it. Instructions are included for both a 3-color and 2- color version. Tonals were used in the 3-color piece, and a tonal plus a variegated for the 2-color version. My goal was to create a pattern with a variety of options.

  • Virtuosity Shrug


    The Virtuosity Shrug uses the tried-and-true granny cluster stitch but takes them to a new level. The term virtuosity is defined as great skill in music or artistic pursuit, and this shrug will really show off your skills, but it’ll be our little secret that most of it is just a basic 2-row repeat.

    I love working with hand-dyed yarns because I used to sell them in my yarn shop, the Yarnover Truck! This piece shows them off beautifully. You use simple stitches, so your Virtuosity Shrug will look amazing in a variety of different yarn types and colors. Plus shrugs only require a few sizing and fitting modifications, so I hope you’ll find this piece an enjoyable make!